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I refuse to kill another dragon for as long as I play Skyrim

I was fighting this Blood Dragon when, in the middle of the fight, he just lands and stops fighting back. No matter how many times I shot him he wouldn’t move, he’d only watch me - it was the cutest thing.

I could run around him and jump on his tail and he’d just keep looking at me and tilting his head, it was so precious… he even let me run under his belly and he’d crane his neck to look at me upside-down… we are friends now…

How to Train Your Dragon 2: Skyrim

omg the last one

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Skyrim is my other world

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This is just too good y’all

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I downloaded this mod because I thought it’d be funny, but it’s actually really terrifying in action, especially in conjunction with some immersion/difficulty mods. You’ll be in the midst of a quest, going off to kill some evil guy or save some jerk, fighting off some baddies when ALL OF A SUDDEN YOU HEAR THIS SARCASTIC SOUNDING CHEERY MUSIC AND HEAR THE DEMONIC TOOT TOOT OF A TRAIN AND YOU LOOK IN THE SKY BUT YOU CAN’T SEE WHERE IT IS AND THE TOOT TOOT GETS LOUDER AND YOU KNOW IT’S CLOSER BUT YOU STILL CAN’T FIND IT AND THEN A STREAM OF TRAIN FIRE SHOOTS FROM BEHIND YOU AND YOU’RE FUCKING DEAD

oh my god. thomas just fucking ollieing out into the goddamn sky

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Skyrim + pretty places, part 2.

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'does your skyrim ever get warm?' - 'no. not really.'

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Skyrim en la vida real.

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Tobuscus vs. Skyrim

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